Review - Fiend by Peter Stenson

Fiend - Peter Stenson

This novel explores not only the scary setting of a post-apocalyptic zombie horror scene, where humans are devouring humans, but the horror that drug users and addicts face as they turn themselves into zombies- zombies only concerned with getting the next score, no matter the financial or personal cost.  

This novel pulled me right in from the first page, addicted! I would not hesitate to explore other works by Peter Stenson.  I've read where people have called this book a mix of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, and while I agree, it is so much more- the dark humor, the fight for survival against both zombie plagues (the one that turns people into mindless killing machines, and the Meth addiction), with the ruminations of the protagonist... amazing!  


Go read this book!


I received a copy of this book for an honest review.