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Bibliophage [bib-lee-uh-feyj] noun 1. an ardent reader; a bookworm.


What happens when an ancient Greek cult starts killing women in New York? Certain gods and goddesses get ticked off.On one ha...
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Been an interesting and eventful few months since my last post. I've been reading but not doing much in the way of reviewing. Hope to get back into the swing of it. Hope ev...
If you're shocked that Whedon is not as good an ally as you thought he was, there are more names in SF/F we could tell you. B...
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 Eden's Gate: The Reborn: A LitRPG Adventure - Edward Brody
Review- Eden's Gate: The Reborn
I seem to be on a LitRPG kick as of late... The Hook (blurb taken from Amazon): Eden’s Gate When Gunnar Long is transported into the first fully-immersive virtual MMOR...
 Eden's Gate: The Reborn: A LitRPG Adventure - Edward Brody
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The Bunker: Surviving the Economic Collapse of 2017 - Wayne Bosak Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race - Margot Lee Shetterly Live by Night - Dennis Lehane Phobia - A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (The Agora Virus) (Volume 1) - Jack Hunt Growing Pains: The Proving Grounds - Wade Adrian Time Looter: Episode One (Volume 1) - Fenton Cooper, Michael Bunker, Forbes West, Todd Barselow Video Game Plotline Tester (The Dark Herbalist Book #1) LitRPG series - Michael Atamanov
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