I tilted at the windmill of Anne Rice last night.  As I've said before, she is not one of my favorite authors, but I recall the joy that Interview with a Vampire gave me (although I gave up on the series about the time of Queen of the Damned).  I also found myself falling again with The Wolf Gift (I even bought the second in the series, but quit about a quarter of the way through).  


See... my biggest problem is, for all the claim of being a misanthrope, I still want to believe in the goodness and intelligence of other humans (despite being repeatedly shown I am a fool).  So I wanted to tell her of my experience with that hate site which I will no longer name.  Ms. Rice was rather nice and polite... right up until she realized that I was not going to be one of her sycophants and start singing the praise of that site.  I see now that my comments were removed.  I do have screenshots which will eventually make it to my blog.


I have a list of authors whose work I avoid because I feel they lack talent.  I have a list of authors to avoid because they lack the maturity to deal with another's opinion.  That said, if I read an excerpt from an author on either of those lists and I like what I see, I will read.  There are two authors, however, that I will avoid at all costs.  Congratulations, Ms. Rice.  Take your place next to Orson Scott Card.