Review - Free Falling

Free Falling - Susan Kiernan-Lewis

This book is currently a freebie on Amazon.  The cover caught my attention when I was looking for some TEOTWAWKI fiction.  On the cover, it claims to be a 'The Kindle Book Reviews Best Indie Books of 2012 Semi-Finalist.  


I knew there was going to be trouble when in the first couple of paragraphs my inner grammar and punctuation nazi was painting the pages with red ink.


I kept with it though, after having to deal with people bitching when I don't finish a book because it is fraught with GSP (my own personal acronym for grammar, spelling, and punctuation) errors.  


But the worst sin, if you will, of this entire book was the blatant racism against gypsies.  There are bad people from all walks of life, but it seems that the author has  particular issues the travelling people and I found it to be distasteful.


Add to that the use of speech patterns within the text of the story, outside of the dialog, and the whole cause of the TEOTWAWKI scenario (nuclear attacks within the US and attacks on England because they are American allies) being forgotten about, and the fact it is one of those serial books that failed to give a whole and decent conclusion within the first novel while at the same time hooking a reader to continue is what lead to my rating.


I will not be purchasing the next two novels in this series, and I would have to be mighty impressed with a sample of another novel by the author to bother buying it.