Meme Time


Stolen from



Booklet or Tome?


Tome if I am familiar with the author and approve of their style.  Booklet or sample if the author is an unknown to me



Pre-Owned or New?


Textbooks, unless for a history class, are always purchased pre-owned if available.  I also get many books from charity shelves- a great way to add to my collection and help a charity out.  If I find that I really love a book and all I have is a pre-owned copy, I will invest in a new copy.



Historical Fiction or Fantasy?


I can't choose... I love both... but if I must, I must... I will say that nine times out of ten if presented with a new historical fiction or fantasy novel, I will choose the historical fiction first but put the fantasy on my TBR pile.



Hardcover or paperback?


If purchasing, I only purchase the hardcover if I have read and enjoyed the book and find it worthy of my physical book shelves.  I will have to say paperback for this one.



Funny or sad?


I do not care for comedy writing, so I will have to say sad.


Do you prefer reading in summer or in winter?


I prefer reading in all seasons.


Classics or mainstream?


I like both.  Classics to soothe me after reading a glut of crappy SPA 'mainstream' attempts at novels.



Guidebook or Fiction?


Fiction.  If it was simply non-fiction, it would be a tie, but I abhor 'guidebooks' because I seldom find them of any use.



Crime Novel or thriller?





Ebook or Print Edition?





Collecting or clearing out?





Internet or Bookstore?


Internet with the exception of non-chain bookstores.  I love 'mom and pop' type bookstores!



Cookbook or Baking Book?