MS Walk 2014! Please help spread the word?

Not sure how many (or to be honest, if any) folks who follow my BookLikes blog are in the New England area, but if you are, this is a very good cause!


My mom and I started volunteering at the local MS office when she was diagnosed back in '94.  Although the MS Society office chapter up here is not what it once was, there is a core of folks who meet monthly and have a great support network via phone and internet. My mom and I (and many others from this gang) volunteer at the Brewer/Bangor walk which is coming up next month.


So far, we are at 3% of the fundraising goal of 41k.  As someone whose budget tends to be fairly tight, I understand (and feel rather dirty asking for money) if folks do not have the funds to donate, but would appreciate if the word regarding this event could be spread :)


For more info, you can check out the MS Walk site here: