How NOT to Treat Your Fans: Darrell Maloney Edition

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American Armageddon - Darrell Maloney


After his fan wrote a review based on the sample, Maloney responded by whining to Ammy who said the review wasn't against ToS. Next step was to complain on the KDP forum about his "faithful" reader.



Notice how he wanted to exchange reviews BASED ON THE SAMPLES. Horrified to see a fan not kissing an author's ass, his fellow KDP buddies joined in the attack. ***Note: The comments are mainly by anon handles. What would Anne Rice say?



Here they attack the reader on the review...



Oh, btw, this fan read another Maloney book after her one star review. The other book warranted five stars. Her reviews are the only ones on his new books.



Yes, she's a true fan, but Maloney still rallied the troops for an attack because she didn't enjoy the sample of his book.


Consider this a lesson on how NOT to treat your fans.