My Not So Very Scientific Research

I couldn't sleep last tonight (still haven't) so I got bored and decided to take a sample of how many reviews would either be deleted or changed under Anne Rice's petition on


Basically, I went to Amazon and then went to Kindle eBooks. Then, I clicked on Romance and went to the Gay Romance section. I opened 50 random book pages with decent amounts of reviews and made sure that the authors weren't published through a major publishing company. I then counted up the total number of reviews for all 50 books:


Total # of Reviews: 3,401


I then went through every review and counted the amount that came from people who used their full name. I did not give credit for people who used only their first names, partial names or names that were obvious false:


Total # of People That Appeared to Use Their Real Name: 599


How exactly is this supposed to HELP authors? I know this is by no means a comprehensive study, but come on!


BTW: It took me three and a half hours to dig through all of that shit.