A little housekeeping...

Sky1 - Foundation (#1) - William Amerman Black Hills: A Novel - Dan Simmons The Eternal Nazi: From Mauthausen to Cairo, the Relentless Pursuit of SS Doctor Aribert Heim - Nicholas Kulish, Souad Mekhennet Havana Queen - James Bruno Redchapel - Mike Resnick

Cleaned up my 'currently reading' shelf.  I dropped Joe Gazzam's book, I couldn't even be bothered, to be quite honest.  Hearing how he made teen sock puppets and then the letter he wrote someone explaining how his nephew or niece was on Goodreads (when she or he was clearly too young) left such a bad taste in my mouth, I couldn't review his book objectively.  I also dropped Harlan Coben's Missing You.  I put it on my currently reading shelf to motivate myself, but it has been a couple weeks and I haven't even opened it on my Kindle.  Not going to even read a chapter, so I removed it from my Kindle.


I have to laugh... Miss A.R. Shaw removed the link to my blog in her post over on the Kindle board and basically compared fellow posters there to 'lemmings':  


"NOTE : Due to the lemming nature of some of our folks here, I've decided to remove the link for their own safety. It was meant as a warning to others. Just please do yourself a favor and DO NOT seek reviews from BLOGGERS. I made this mistake once, just save yourself the trouble." - Annette Shaw


I wonder what folks are going to think of being called a lemming...a reference to folks who unquestioningly follow popular opinion regardless of wisdom or safety... ouch.  Don't worry little lemmings... Miss. Shaw will 'protect' you... *snorts*


My reply to her over at that forum is still being 'moderated'.  


I've added a few new books to my currently reading shelf- the books connected to this post.  I look forward to reading them.  I've started Sky1 and am enjoying it thus far.  Redchapel is just a short by Mike Resnick, but I do enjoy his stories.  I'll update my shelf over at Goodreads later