Review - The One You Love by Paul Pilkington

The One You Love (suspense mystery) - Paul Pilkington

This was a free book, I think via Bookbub or Freebooksy.


I read 27% of the book before I tossed this in the DNF pile.  It was like reading a young teen's first journey into writing a story.  That is fine, for an English teacher or another teen to read, but when it is published as a book, when it is put out as part of a series that I am supposed to read and then purchase other parts of... no.  No thank you.


Plot is all over the place with too many sub-plots that link to the main plot, somehow... I didn't feel like wading through the poorly written dialog and poor characterizations of the protagonist and secondary characters to figure it all out.  Not to mention the tangents this author takes you on before you realize that the particular chapter you are reading took place in the past.  


No thanks.