MEH. Another one :(

The Perseid Collapse: 1 (The Perseid Collapse Series) - Steven Konkoly

Damn it... one of my favorite TEOTWAWKI authors has gone down the road of profit over substance  I paid for this book and I did not get a book, I got, at best, half of a book. At the end, there was a note explaining that he was sorry if folks feel it was cut off but another point he felt comfortable with was 300 pages away... wtf? Had I paid the cost of half a book, I might not be pissed, but I did not. Are people so intimidated by a 600+ page book that they would not pick it up? Give me a fucking break. So fucking disappointed in you, Mr. Konkoly. I want to find out what happens to Alex Fletcher and if he gets his and his neighbor's kid back from Boston, but I will purchase your next book, read it, and then return it.


Review to come as soon as I get over being pissed so I can give it a fair review.