Jeremy's Run: L.A. Dark by G.F. Gustav

L.A. Dark (Jeremy's Run) - G.F. Gustav

Synopsis (from Amazon):


     Five friends. West L.A. The power goes out, and everything with it. And it's not coming back. They are normal people, not survivalists, caught in the worst place they could be, surrounded by looter gangs and millions who will soon be desperate and dying. Young, fit, but ill-prepared, their choices are few and stark.

    Jeremy’s Run, L.A. Dark, is the first installment of a serial story that chronicles an epic struggle of the human spirit to survive, to prevail over the odds, to retain one’s humanity, and to keep alive the hope for a new and better future.



My Assessment:  


I was incredibly disappointed.  It was a very slow start, but it did get good and then it was done.  No resolution.  I'm sorry, even a serial must have an element of resolution in each episode and this had none.  


I don't mind serials, but what this read like was a sample of a story, not an episode.  The alarming trend I have seen among indie authors is to pull shit like this, and pardon my language, but it is shit.  If an author can't provide a good story (complete with plot and resolution), I am not going to throw more money away, and that is what happened with the $1.50 this... you know, I don't even know what to call this... this wasn't even a serial episode... so I'll stick with 'shit'.  I wasted money on this shit, don't follow my example.