Surviving the Evacuation: Book One, London by Frank Tayell

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London - Frank Tayell

I was asked if I would read this book via KBR (Kindle Book Review).  I received a free copy for doing so, but let me assure you that does not in any way, shape, or form influence my review.


Synopsis (via Amazon):


The outbreak started in New York. Within days the infection had spread to every corner of the world. Nowhere is safe from the undead... 

Bill watched from his window as London was evacuated. His leg broken, he is unable to join the exodus. Turning to his friends in the government, he waits and hopes for rescue. As the days turn into weeks, realising inaction will lead only to starvation and death, his thoughts turn to escape. 

Forced to leave the safety of his home he ventures out into the undead wasteland that once was England, where he will discover a horrific secret. 

This is the first volume of his journal.


This book was a joy to read, even if it was a zombie apocalypse, it was still a joy to read.  Not all may care for a journal format, but the author carries this off with aplomb, do not let it frighten you away.  The take on the zombies is interesting and adds to the story.  This is a series, but unlike many other indie authors that use the cheap hook of dropping a story without a conclusion so that you will be forced to buy their next book if you want to know what happens, Frank Tayell does not do this.  Sure, there is enough left unsaid to make you want to get the next book, but there is a conclusion.


I won't even get into the fact that this was a joy to read grammatically.  To be honest, after wading through many novels via KBR, I am half serious about implementing a condition that states I won't read the novel unless it was written by someone educated within the UK school system, or edited by someone who was.


I will be purchasing the next book in the series, and although I got a free copy through KBR, I will be purchasing and gifting this book for a couple folks on my Xmas list.