30 Day Book Challenge - So far behind...

Mila 18 - Leon Uris Trinity - Leon Uris A Revolutionary Romance - Melody  Clark Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  - J.K. Rowling Shards of Honor (Vorkosigan Saga, #1) - Lois McMaster Bujold Iron Druid Chronicles - Hounded, Hexed, & Hammered - Kevin Hearne Dies the Fire - S.M. Stirling A Test Of Wills  - Charles Todd The Outlander Series: Outlander / Dragonfly in Amber / Voyager / Drums of Autumn / The Fiery Cross / A Breath of Snow and Ashes / An Echo in the Bone - Diana Gabaldon Jeeves Omnibus: My Man Jeeves + Right Ho, Jeeves - Pelham Grenville Wodehouse



#14- Just about any movie made from a book... seriously, I'm a book snob.  I can't say I have ever seen a movie based on a book that has even come close to doing it justice.


#15- Conor Larkin, from Uris' Trinity, Atticus O'Sullivan from Hearn's Iron Druid Chronicles, Spenser from Robert B. Parker's Spenser series, Jeeves from P.G. Wodehouse's stories, and Ian Rutledge from the Rutledge series by Charles Todd


#16- Cordelia Naismith from Bujold's Vorkosigan series; Claire Frasier from Gabaldon's Outlander series; Tiphaine d'Ath, Sandra Arminger, Matilda Arminger, and Astrid Larrson from Stirling's Emberverse series.


#17- Too many... go read Trinity by Leon Uris.


#18- The last of the Harry Potter series.


#19- I don't have one... I am a book snob.  A few of my favorites have been made into movies, but the movies tend to suck.


#20- I don't really read much romance, but one of my favorites is A Revolutionary Romance by Melody Clark.  


#21- I've been reading since I was three (thanks to my mom, long before any of these 'baby can read' programs)... I can't remember.


#22- Trinity by Leon Uris


#23- Although Leon Uris is one of my favorite authors, I can't recall reading Mila 18... I think I will grab a copy...