Entangled - Graham Hancock A very intriguing tale but the format was very disjointed. I know he was telling two tale that come together, but it falls a little short with the abrupt changes in POV. I enjoyed it, but I am very glad that I bought it on sale and did not pay the full price. It was advertised when Hancock did a Coast to Coast AM show and it was only .99 cents for the EPUB version. It is advertised on B&N for the NOOK, for $9.99. Had I paid that price? I probably would have given it one or two stars. Amazon has it listed for $11.53 for the paperback... again, had I paid that price it would have affected the rating.

It is sort of modern day tale of a Lindsay Lohan type person (wealthy, drug addled) meets the cast and characters of Jean Auel's tales. Mix in a little supernatural... and you get Entangled. Good read, it really was, but it could have been better.

I recommend though if you are a Coast to Coast AM fan or a Nu-Ager or someone who likes reading what seems like an LSD inspired piece. Or someone who likes Dan Brown's style.