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Review: Every Little Thing: A Flat Vernacular Coloring Book

Every Little Thing: A Flat Vernacular Coloring Book by Cosell Turner, Payton (November 3, 2015) Paperback - Payton Cosell Turner

I received a copy for of this coloring book from Blogging For Books.

The fact that you can remove the cover of this paperback and color the images on the cover was a great plus, but other than a few pages that offered a form of tessellation, the book wasn't a great one. For the most part, the images look like something a child would draw and the parent would feel obligated to hang it up on the refrigerator. At a price of $15.99 (the price recommended on the book itself, although I have seen it for less), it is not worth the money.


I am giving it three stars because there were a handful of pages that were very nice- I just did not care for the style of most of them.  It isn't a book I would suggest that you buy unseen.  Go to a bookstore or craft store and look at it carefully to make sure the style gels with your wallet and style.

Review: The Time Chamber by Daria Song

The Time Chamber - Daria Song

This is a magnificent book. It is an enjoyable quick read with the bonus feature as doubling as a coloring book. The pictures are a joy for all ages to color and perfectly illustrated to provide a great coloring experience. The book jacket is also a coloring canvas. Simply remove the jacket, reverse it, color and then put on the book again. I will look for more coloring and story books from this author and publisher. Great job, highly recommend!

Review: When Lions Roar by Thomas Maier

When Lions Roar: The Churchills and the Kennedys - Thomas Maier
I will be adding Maier to my favorite biographers. This was an amazing read- not only about Winston Churchill and Joseph Kennedy but their extended families as well. It chronicled the times and how the two families interacted, not only through politics, but it also showed that although Winston and Joseph did not always see eye to eye, they both and their families interacted on the social and personal level. I had no idea how connected the two families were. I highly recommend this novel for any Churchill fans, Kennedy fans, or simply just fans of the era the book spans. Go pick up a copy!

Kindle Unlimited should be renamed- Kindle Unlimited Crap

One more month of Kindle Unlimited and then I am calling it quits. Most of the books are all self-published crap. Tossed about five KU options I had downloaded after reading less than 5% each. No concept of editing, plot progression, or character development. I am supposed to 'admire' the 'guts' of the 'author' to put their shit out there, taking into consideration the 'time' and 'effort' it took them to 'write' the piece of shit. No. Hell no.

Harry Turtledove is one of my favorite authors and this just made me so happy :)  This happened a few years ago, but still.  After dealing with so many BBAs, this is the other side, the amazing side of authors.

A sad, but amusing BBA snit-fit

If you want a good laugh, read the author's replies to one star reviews


Our Man in Charleston: Britain's Secret Agent in the Civil War South - Christopher Dickey

I had high hopes for Our Man in Charleston and Christopher Dickey did not disappoint!  As someone who loves history, people who do not care for it are beyond my comprehension.  I think that if more people were exposed to history as written by Dickey's pen, a lot more people would fall in love the way I have.

Dickey's extensive research is penned in a way that creates a world for people to become part of.  He blends history into the realm of fiction without letting his tale become a complete work of fiction.  Historical fact offered to people as an action filled, thrilling spy novel.  It simply does not get any better than this!

What are you waiting for?  If you are drawn towards the American Civil War and the history of abolitionists and their foes OR you are drawn towards intriguing spy adventures, go purchase this book!


Been on a hiatus of sorts, but have a ton of reviews to post :)

Available as 'read now', limited time!



The Fold: A Novel - Peter Clines

This book was amazing.  One of the few that I read once and a few days later picked it up and ran through it again.  It was a perfect blend of mystery, action, and science fiction.  Rarely do I pick up a book that crosses multiple genres successfully.  I will be keeping my eye out for more work by Peter Clines.

Another KU book for the DNF pile.

Wind Catcher (Chosen Book 1) - Jeff Altabef, Erynn Altabef, Megan Harris

It was okay, but didn't hold my interested. Tossed in DNF pile at 25% of the way in.


Press Start to Play (Vintage Original) - John Joseph Adams, Daniel H. Wilson

If you are a gamer and a reader, you will want to delve into this anthology.  I will admit that I went right to Weir's story, Twarrior, when I downloaded my NetGalley file and while I did enjoy the quick read, one of my absolute favorites turned out to be Rat Catcher's Yellows by Charlie Jane Anders.


Book will be released on August 18th, go pre-order!



Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales Book 1) - Jamie McFarlane

A thoroughly enjoyable pulp sci-fi novel for a young reader (not too young as there were some references to sex and prostitutes... not to mention violence, I'd say on the younger end of the young adult set).  Some Gary/Mary Stus, but those are staple in pulp.


The Collapse: Swantown Road - Frank Kaminski

Tossed into the DNF pile at 25% of the way in. Combination of characters being too immature for their, or on the way to checking off every mystical stereotype there is due to their heritage. I couldn't continue. Never even got into the thick of the plot.

Review - The Last Tribe by Brad Manuel

The Last Tribe - Brad Manuel

I stopped reading this book at 52% of the way in. The book was okay, but it wasn't great and I didn't find myself so attached to the characters that I wanted to keep wasting my time. I found the book to have a few continuity errors and after the initial 'just about everyone dies', nothing happens.


I gave the book two stars over at Goodreads and Amazon, but one and half is more like it.

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