#BookadayUK 13 - Favorite "controversial" read

Antisemitism In The United States, including: Ku Klux Klan, Nation Of Islam, William Luther Pierce, Louis Farrakhan, Charles Coughlin, Christian Identity, The Turner Diaries, The Order (group), George Lincoln Rockwell, American Nazi Party, David Duke - Hephaestus Books

This isn't the book... the book is The Turner Diaries by William Luther Pierce.  You can usually find a free downloadable copy rather than give money to national hate groups to purchase.  


There was talk about this book after the Oklahoma bombings, so I found it and read it.  I found it to be little more than a disgusting rant and tome for racist scum, but I would say it is 'controversial', because my boss at the time hauled me on the carpet for downloading and printing it while at work (I worked in a computer cluster on campus at them time).