*shakes head*

I won't name names, nor will I name forums, but in a setting for indie authors, the article I just posted the link to is being discussed.  I saw this:


"In this case, indies are able to turn around much quicker than trad authors, who have to go through a slow grinding machine to publish."


Yeah.  Takes them a long time to go through the hoops of editing, tweaking, re-writing, and editing some more, so they come out with a professional product... sure, someone not held to that standard can turn out book after book after book of poorly written and poorly edited crap.  The thing is, it won't do them any favors in the long wrong... I for one, won't purchase, nor will I partake of an authors work through KU, if the first book I read from them was a mess.


My apologies to the many indie authors out there who do have pride in their work, but it is the vast amount of indies who do not, that taint the name 'indie'.