My thoughts on this article...

I read this article.  


I have to say the main thing that is sticking in my mind after reading this is all the times an indie author has bitched about a person leaving a review upon reading a sample of the book or a percentage of the book.  They should have no trouble with not receiving any money until the reader has passed the 10%.  I think it should be at least 50%, to be honest.


– For books enrolled in KDP & Select: Amazon has a pool of funds which is established at the start of each month. This is the same fund that has been used for “borrows” for people who are enrolled in Prime (they get 1 borrow a month). The fund does not take into account the size of the book or it’s price. Instead it takes the total amount of the pool divided by the number of borrows to calculate a unit price. This unit price is then multiplied by the number of times an author’s books are borrowed. Historically, the per unit price has been about $2 (sometimes a bit more, other times a bit less). The “downloads” from KU will be treated like a “borrow” once the reader gets past the first 10% of the book.