Review - Squanto Undead, Part 1 by Stacy and Jennifer Buck

Squanto Undead: Wake the Undead Part 1 - Stacy Buck

This book claimed to encompass two of my favorite sub-genres of story telling- alternate history and zombies.  Did it?  Well, the premise was intriguing.  While loosely following historical fact about Squanto and the area, it veered off of what is occasionally taught in school, so one could say it was alternate history.  There were zombies.  The claim was met, but only with sub-par standards. 


When my inner red editor's pen has turned the first page of the story into more red ink than black, you know it isn't going to get any better.  I think the authors need to take a remedial course in punctuation, or they need to hire better editors.  There is no excuse for putting a product out for sale, where in the second sentence, you have the word Atlantics (should be Atlantic's), and in the third you have two missing commas.  No excuse, whatsoever.


This is not a book or even a novella.  It is the first part of a serial.  I did not pay for this piece, as it is free, but if you purchase the first five parts, it is $2.99.  I wouldn't even invest a measly $3 based on one part with that many technical errors.  There was also far too much telling, rather than showing in this piece.  Your money (or time) is better spent elsewhere.