Review - Roosevelt's Beast by Louis Bayard

Roosevelt's Beast - Louis Bayard

I love historical fiction, but I've been bit in the arse with novels that feature real historical figures so I was a bit hesitant when I saw this novel on NetGalley.  I clicked the request button and I received a copy to read for review.  To be honest, it sat on my kindle for a couple of weeks.  I would pass over it as I scrolled through to find a new read because I liked the promise the title and cover spoke of, but was wary and didn't want to be disappointed.  


I am glad that I bit the bullet, as it were, and spent yesterday camped out in front of my air conditioner and went on a historical romp through the Amazon featuring my favorite American president and his son Kermit.  I recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys historical action-adventure fiction.  I doubt you will be disappointed.