Review of Sample - One Man's Island by Thomas J. Wolfenden

One Man's Island - Thomas Wolfenden

I have discovered that rating this one is a bit difficult.  I read this yesterday and I am still thinking about it.  No glaring or strikingly irritable GSP errors and I have to admit that I am drawn to the protagonist.  The sample was enough to hook me and make me want to find out what happens to him.


The issue holding me back from giving this four stars is the fact I can't believe that the protagonist is the only one left alive in the city after the "unknown calamity from the cosmos".  As it stands, and I do not profess to be any kind of expert, it just does not seem feasible.  Yes, I am being vague, I hate book spoilers... go read the sample and then see if you understand what I mean.


Add to that, the price.  I have never heard of this author before, and it appears this is the only novel he has written.  $6 is rather expensive for a first time author from an indie press.  Sorry... you can thank all the indie authors and presses out there who publish junk for my distrust.  I have Amazon Prime, and I would feel better if I could borrow the book, but I think I will not purchase... Mount TBR doesn't need another addition to its slopes.  


Go read the sample, if you feel as I do, then you won't be out six bucks, if you don't... let me know how it goes.  I see some more reliable positive feedback for this book and I might go for it.