Review - Old World by Oliver Kennedy

Old World (The Green and Pleasant Land) - Oliver Kennedy

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting were all fine.  No complaints that I want to get into there.


The story started off decently too.  Typical zombie fare, but it drew me in and I continued reading.  Then the story veered off towards the paranormal.  Okay... I stayed with it.  I like paranormal.  Then the story went weird.


Gratuitous violence... descriptive gratuitous violence that didn't flow with the start of the story.  Zombie apocalypse or not.  Then, it just ended with another plea to review and purchase the next portion of the story to find out what exactly was going on.  


No.  Absolutely not.  It wasn't even a good story.  Do not recommend purchasing, but it was free, so if you want to waste an hour or so, go for it.