Review - Bunker Z: The Beginning (Surviving the Apocolypse)

Bunker Z: The Beginning (Surviving the Apocolypse) - Mark Lansing

First of all, this is not a novel.  It isn't even a short story.  It is a serial.  It is a shame that Amazon doesn't require wannabe authors to properly label their works.  


Second, I should have known better than pick this up when the subtitle is spelled 'Surviving the Apocolypse'.  Correct spelling is apocalypse.  Even if a spell check was the extent of editing this piece received, it would have corrected that.  


Had this serial been any longer, I would have thrown in the towel long before the "ending" because of horrendous spelling and grammar.  There was no ending... the story just stopped, followed by a plea to support the author by leaving a review and purchasing the next few pages of the serial.  The word book was used, but I cannot call this installment a book.  


Do not waste your time or money.