Harbinger Reserve by S.A. Melby

The Harbinger Reserve - S.A. Melby

I was drawn to this novel not only because of my love of TEOTWAWKI novels and conspiracy theories, but I know folks like Sky Metzger.  The only problem I had with this novel was the style of formatting chosen for Sky's chapters, and it is one of those nit-picky things that most folks probably wouldn't even register, but those chapters were all in bold.  

This could have been done on purpose to help the reader see a POV change, but I hate that and it speaks of lack of the author's talent.  Melby does not need to rely on such a poor tactic.  There is a clear difference in voice between Sky and his brother.  


Putting this on 'to buy' list and I recommend that you go grab the sample and check it out for yourself.