Review of Sample

The Man Who Watched the World End - Chris Dietzel

Cleaning out my Kindle today, I apologize in advance.


Picked up the sample because the cover caught my eye when I was purchasing some books on Amazon.  It is a post-apocalyptic tale that had a few deviations from the norm for the genre.  The most important one being the age of the protagonist.  The book was well formatted and GSP (grammar, spelling, punctuation) gets an A+.


That is what worked for me, however, I won't be purchasing.  The mechanics of the actual tale didn't gel.  We are down to the last handful of aged survivors in a world where humans cannot produce viable spawn, yet everything works perfectly... water, electricity, etc.  It doesn't work for me with how the author wants to stress the flora and fauna have taken over.


I might pick it up if were free, but won't spend money on it.