A Note to Indie Authors from Reviewers

Since reader reviews are your best advertising, and we know you know that because of how badly you whine and complain when you don't like a reader's opinion of your book, maybe you should try to do it without us?  


We can be your best advocates... but we work for ourselves not for you... don't piss us off.





A note from a reviewer who does not review BBA, but will gladly speak out about their abuse, violence, lies and paranoid, bad, crazy behavior:


Abuse those people like me, who write reviews for eachother, not for authors,people who enjoy reading and don't want to be dragged through the mud because someone doesn't agree with what they like or dislike, and, people who understand that two wrongs do not make a right, and you will not get the benefit of my hard work telling others about your hard work.  


Do you want free advertising?  Write a good book, I will read it and talk about it and tell everyone how much I enjoy it.  You can't get better advertising than that.  Just remember that I'm not doing it for you, I'm doing it for people who read, love it and love to talk about it with others who are like minded.  


You can get the hell out of my way, if you haven't got anything nice to say.  I'm not going to justify my opinion to you.  I don't need your approval for me to have a point of view.   If you don't like it.  Kiss my ass.  The review goes down good or bad if you try to take your anger out on me or those like me, but that doesn't mean silence. That means my voice will be added to those whom you have similarly taken advantage of, every chance I get.  I post, I read posts and I share posts.  


Try selling a book if the only advertisement you get is a critique of your behavior when it's way out of line? 



Your best advertising exec....a reader with an opinion who is willing to share.  Don't shoot the messenger, write a better book.