A 'myriad' of other names...

Ahhh... yellow journalism at its best... I have a myriad of other names according to that farcical hate site:


Misanthropic Reader on Booklikes

Autumn H. on KDP

Misanthrope on Google Blogger

Autumn T. on Facebook

Wolf Surprise on Twitter

Dragon Wolf on Pinterest


I'll start with BookLikes and Google Blogger... technically they are only one name- 'misanthropicreader'.


KDP and Facebook... I don't know what happened here (something I've noted on my blog)... Heath was a family name and my last name for years, but I've legally changed it to Turner.  I've gone through and tried to fix the profiles, but when I logged into KDP, it used the name 'Heath'... the one that I was using when I started using Amazon.  No conspiracy to hide my identity there.  I have changed my name in the settings, but it still comes up as 'Heath' and I can't be arsed to find out why or get Amazon to fix it.  On the grand scale of things, it is not important.


Pinterest...  well... I was 'adragonwolf76' there, but have changed it to arhturner76 to keep things streamlined.  In the settings I changed it from Dragon Wolf to ARH Turner.  I rarely use it, but I wouldn't want anyone to hurt themselves by tripping over a myriad of names in their rush to seek me out. 


And I saved the best for last... twitter.  I have one twitter and that is the one linked to my BookLikes.  It is not 'Wolf Surprise'. 


So... a 'myriad' is now three 'different' names.


I know I shouldn't bother with them... call it a personality flaw... but if there is one thing I cannot stand, it is a liar and when someone tries to bring my honesty into question or claims I am something that I am not... it irritates and I feel the need to get the truth out there even if I know it won't make a damn bit of difference.