Do "real name" supporters oppose unlisted phone numbers?

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:

Us customers really need to understand our obligations to retail and social sites better, eh?


Just wondering if anyone supporting "real name" and "email" being publicly displayed also opposes unlisted telephone numbers and require everyone to publish phine numbers, names and addresses in public phone books.


Do petition signers wanting emails publicly displaying to be harvested for mailing lists (more targeted if an author or publisher because if on reviews you can guess genres) also oppose the No Call lists that telemarketers are supposed to avoid?


Do they oppose that now cell phones now being on No Call lists?


What's next?  Everyone has to post what hours they can be reached on home phone, work phone and cell phone with those numbers showing next to their real names and emails on public sites.  Plus add a little notice on what subject to use to avoid junk mail filters to ensure authirs and publishers can communicate with us at all time.


Hell, maybe we need to set a date and time at which we will be available for contact by phone or email and a date/time we'll sit in our driveway waiting for our new stalkers.


Yup, all kinds of restrictions should be placed or considered/petitioned to be placed on any retail customers or users of social media sites.  it's probably not exactly fair to stalkers victims that only site support and law enforcement can access our information; what's a with a product for sale to do in this world where people expect to be able to avoid  sales pitches and them have privacy?