We shall see...

I know I probably shouldn't have, but I'm sorry and sick of Annette Shaw's whining... so I replied to her comment at the link in my previous post.  It is awaiting moderation... I bet it won't get approved, but anyway... here it is:


Had the one typo that I used in my review been the only typo in the book, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I understand that indie authors are not always able to afford a good editing service, and, as a matter of fact raise my tolerance to 10 or more typos before I stop reading. I will toss a traditionally published novel in the 'did not finish' pile at five glaring typos. I read up to 55% of your novel and because I liked the characters and wanted to see where you were taking the story, I stuck with it long past ten typos, but 55% and that 'typo' I used in my review was the point at which I felt your story was sunk by the poor editing.


I told you that I would be more than willing to re-read and re-review once you had the novel properly edited. You chose not to respond, and went 'this' route. Fine by me, I am a reader for NetGalley, Kindle Book Review, Indie Review, and Edelweiss, in addition to requests made through my blog and I have more than enough books to choose to read and review.


As a reviewer, I take no 'joy' in attacking authors because I do not 'attack authors'. I read a book and make my judgement on the book itself. I do not take the author into consideration at all... a review is not about them, rather it is about the novel.


I do rate samples. Amazon (and B&N) offer samples and they are great tools- not only for the potential purchaser, but the author as well. If I would make a decision on whether or not to purchase a book by the sample I am given, I offer my opinion to others.


To be honest, I would never have purchased your book (prior to the revision you claim to have either made or been in the process of making) had I grabbed the sample on the lack of decent editing in just the first couple of chapters. I do hope that you did get it edited properly, because as I said in my review, ( [http://misanthropicreader.blogspot.com/2014/01/synopsis-amazon-what-world-dreads-most.html ] ): " I wanted to love this book. I wanted to be able to give it a high enough rating to publish my review through KBR, but I could not. The characters were well developed, as well as the plot, but the presentation, the follow through... it did not work because of the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors that littered the 55% of the novel that I did read."


I "attacked your reviews"? No, I didn't. The only thing I did was vote down your comments on my Amazon review. I also did not 'invite' the 'Goodreads Gang' to beat up on reviewer's comments. I posted my reaction to your "attack" on my Amazon review at my BookLikes page.


Because of my bad experiences with SPAs (self-published authors) and indie authors, I made it quite clear what I expect out of novels on my blog. I will be the first to say 'hey folks... look at my expectations first and foremost'. I don't think I ask much, however.