Reality Bites - Bruce Hemming

I've been slogging my way through this book... at times it is enjoyable, at other times I want to shove it up the author's ass... sideways.


I've become attached to the characters, but dear gods... this book could use an editor.  Spelling is fine, grammar is... well... acceptable but not perfect but there is a lot of repetition in word choices, some areas where I think even the author got lost and forgot who was with who and what was going on.  Not to mention quite a few extraneous scenes.


I'm not finished yet.  It is part of a series, but I think it isn't going to be one of those where the author just stops writing mid resolution to hook a reader into purchasing the next book.  I could be wrong, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt at this point.  There have been a couple good 'stopping' points already if that was the author's intention.


The author certainly has a political/ecological ax to grind, and for the last couple of chapters, I have seen an increased mention of God (in the x-tian sense), so we can add 'religious ax' to the grindstone.  


As it stands right now (70 some-odd percent of the way through), I'm hovering between two and three stars.