Weekend Hijinks

Not getting much reading done this weekend.  My neighbor has two broken bones in her back and I have been walking her dog twice daily and doing her shopping and other errands for her.  Then, my grandmother was taken to the hospital last night and after spending over seven hours in the ER, she was told she had kidney stones- tons of them (she is 93), but she refused to stay at the hospital and demanded to go home (she lives alone).  My mom and I and her sister are going to make sure there is someone with her at all times.  I will probably get some reading done when it is my turn to sit with her, but other than that, I will be in the Elderscrolls Online beta. 


I am enjoying the beta, but from what I gather it is going to be one of these subscription fee games and I can already basically play the game (Skyrim) for free... I am not one of these social folks in MMORPGs... so why should I pay for it?  A friend said that the story line was different, my reply?  If I want 'story', I read a book :P