Review - Above by Isla Morley

Above - Isla Morley

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley for an honest review.


The story starts with Blythe, a teenager, being kidnapped by a survivalist librarian and stuffed in an underground missile silo.  She is never found and lives with this crazy man who eventually joins her in living in the silo.  She is raped, repeatedly and eventually bears a son who is raised in the silo.


I enjoyed the first part of this story, but it rapidly went from enjoyable to tedious.  The formatting wasn't great (it was an E-ARC, so I didn't use that in my rating), and add to that the writing was disjointed.  


Then came the plot twist... I nearly tossed the book to the DNF pile at that point, but kept going.  It was as if the author lost all control of the story and that came across in the writing.  


I do not recommend.