Ummmmm... not exactly what I expected

The Apocalypse (The Undead World) - Peter Meredith

Okay, I read the sample awhile back and I enjoyed it so much that I purchased it.  This is one of those ones that I regret purchasing.  I am 55% of the way through and this is just horrible.


The formatting is great, as is the punctuation, grammar, etc.  I am horrified by calls by folks for authors to tailor characters to be politically correct, but my gods... this is a misogynistic nightmare.  No female characters (to the 55% point) are anything other than women who have understood that their worth is only measured by their looks and anatomy and what they can 'provide' men in the sexual sense once the zombie apocalypse happens.


The military isn't portrayed any better.  According to this author, once the zombie apocalypse happens, the core values of duty, honor, loyalty, selfless service, and personal courage simply disappear and the folks in uniform (mysteriously devoid of females) turn into little despots, running about and taking civilian's food, weapons, and women.  


Give me a break.  This is disgusting.  I am sorry that I purchased this.  I don't know if I am going to finish or not I am done, finished, DNF'd.  As it stands, it gets ZERO stars.