Review - Ankara Fever: Journeys by Brian S. Vinson

Ankara Fever: Journeys - Brian S Vinson

This is one I grabbed a sample from, and then purchased.  This is one of the more expensive self-published novels ($6.99), but I was impressed by the sample.  The novel did not disappoint.


The story follows the protagonist, Roger Westover, and a fellow passenger at an Atlanta airport.  It also follows his son, Corey, and his ex-girlfriend Ashley in Denton, Texas.  There is a pandemic outbreak, and Roger is well-prepared for the fallout, as is his student, Ashley.  Roger and his companion make their way to Texas and then to a commune that Roger and like-minded folks had assembled (Roger is a prepper).  


I do not want to ruin the tale, but I will say that the only disappointing aspect of the novel was that regarding Corey's character.  I know what the author was going for, but I found the actions and thought processes of Corey's character to be very abrupt in their change.


That was the only disappointing aspect though.  There were a few typos, but not many, less than what I have seen in some professionally published novels.  Although the novel is purported to be part of a series, the author successfully creates a novel that stands alone, yet does hook the reader.  I was not disappointed in what I paid for.