Review- The Troop by Nick Cutter

The Troop - Nick Cutter

I received a copy of this via NetGalley, for an honest review.


The Amazon blurb reads 'part Lord of the Flies, part 28 Days Later', and I found this to be very true.  It was an excellent study on adolescent male behavior and psychology in the setting involving a quarantined island and a terrifying new take on a zombie infestation.  


The author tells the tale of the boys on the island and then intersperses those chapters with what is happening or has happened outside of the quarantined area and I found the first one out of place, but as I read on, they did grow on me.  I would say that midway through the book, one of those interludes, if you will, gave away the ending, or at least part of the ending and I was not too thrilled with that.


All in all though, this was an exciting read that had me glued to the E-ARC, even after that disappointing reveal. If you like horror with a new look at zombies, I would highly recommend this book.  Go pre-order this book!  


I will also be keeping my eyes out for more works by Nick Cutter.