Ten Things Post

Here are ten random things about me... my attempt at being all sociable and shit and joining in the fun :P


-  I prefer dogs and books over most people.  Exceptions to the 'most' people rule are other bookish folks and history lovers.  Oh... an exception to the history folks... if you think that the History Channel is the best thing ever... you are not a history lover.  At least not by my definition.


-  I write, although I've never published anything under my own name.  I write flash fiction, short stories, novels, and essays.  I mostly write speculative fiction, historical fiction, and historical non-fiction.  I am currently working on a biography of Louis Sockalexis.


-  I work from home.  PTSD/Generalized Panic Disorder/Agoraphobia make this a requirement and I lucked out big time, scoring a job that allows me to work from home for the most part.  


-  I live with my mother.  She has Multiple Sclerosis, and while she is fairly independent, living by herself would not be an option and our finances are not set for anything other than a city or government subsidized nursing home, something I will not put her in.  So, with my 'disorders' and hers... a perfect match.


-  My dog's name is Merlin... something that I often see younger folks' eyes light up and then get to hear babbles of excitement about 'how cool, he is named after Merlin' (meaning the BBC abomination of that name).  Let me set the record straight.  NO FUCKING WAY IS MY DOG NAMED AFTER THAT CRAP.  Merlin is named after the wizard of legend.  Something that bears absolutely NO affiliation with that BBC abomination.  Sorry.  I get a little angry about that...


-  Religion and politics... well, if you haven't run by now, here ya go... I am pagan and if my political views are not pissing off the republican/conservatives and democrat/liberals concurrently, I have strayed from my path.


-  I judge people based on what they are reading and whether they like it or not... but not too harshly... my best friend loves Twilight and is still my best friend :P


-  I've enjoyed archery (including my crossbow) long before Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.  Speaking of Game of Thrones... I started reading that when the second book was brand new and have waited and waited and waited for the next novels to come out since then.


-  I love Moxie.


-  I collect dragons, wolves, and Daleks.