Review - The Perseid Collapse by Steven Konkoly

The Perseid Collapse: 1 (The Perseid Collapse Series) - Steven Konkoly

I first read Konkoly's Jakarta Pandemic and fell in love- not only with Konkoly's writing, but the characters of Alex Fletcher and his family.  I wasn't exactly disappointed with The Perseid Collapse... the adventure was there, Alex was there, and Konkoly's style and his knowledge of weapons and tactics.


I was, however, exceedingly disappointed in how this ended.  I am being generous with my rating because of this ending.  There were a couple extraneous chapters.  One that laid the foundations of the Chinese being behind whatever it was that happened (we do not exactly know... we are led to believe it was man made, but then there is the meteor strike...), and a scene with the astronauts at the international space station.  Then the meteor strike (or possible nuclear event), followed with a tidal wave hitting the east coast and general immediate collapse of society.


Alex and his neighbors plan for the womenfolk and kids to trek north on bike to Alex's parents and then Alex, Ed, and Charlie make their way to Boston to rescue Alex's son and Ed's daughter (two lovebirds who are starting their college careers in Boston).  The journey to Alex's parents and the journey south to Boston is fraught with terror and obstacles.  Alex's wife, nephew, and the wives of Ed and Charles make it to the parent's place but the story pretty much stops once Alex makes it to his son Ryan's dormitory.  


What the hell... was my reaction.  Look... I've read a ton of stories that turn out to be little more than mislabeled serials, where the author gives you a taste and then expects you to keep forking over money for more.  I did not expect this kind of bullshit from Konkoly... and yes... this is bullshit.  I was furious... no... I am still furious.  Had I paid only $1.99 or $2.99 for the book, I would be more willing to accept this was a mislabeled serial, but I did not.  I paid the price of a trade paperback (which is another long rant because this was an e-book version, but this is not the time and place to rant about that).  


That said... the writing was great, the formatting was great... I can't exactly lower my rating.  I would warn people who are considering purchasing this book, you are NOT going to get a full story, a complete novel.  You do get a note at the end where Konkoly does say that he had to end it where he did or he wouldn't have felt comfortable ending it for another three hundred pages... my response to that would be, 'So what? I should have have received a full novel (even if it is one in a series) for the price I paid'.  


Buyer beware.