I usually don't do the whole paranormal romance thing because of the romance... I should have stuck with that...

Finished Bitten.  Okay... I get the comparison of Philip to Jeremy... fine.  I also understand her not staying with Philip.  I couldn't see that relationship lasting... she wasn't in love with Philip, she was in love with the IDEA of Philip.  


But Clay?  No.  I don't see it.  I want to grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her.  HE BIT YOU.  At the time he bit you, knowledge was that a bite to a female was always fatal, that they would not turn.  The scene where he bit you... it wasn't even an accident... that bastard knew exactly what he was doing and he BIT you.  


If the author was trying to show a heroine that could overcome being abused... the bitch FAILED MISERABLY.  


I am so fucking livid.  I love Armstrong's take on werewolves...so much better than this goody-two shoes nonsense that Anne Rice is putting out (although I do read it and I do like Reuben).  I did find the whole thing about no female werewolves a bit sketchy and only done to make Elena so much more 'special', but it was... if not well done, it was done decently.  But having Elena go back to Clay?  Going back to Stonehaven, I get, but to Clay?  Even with the simpering, whiny moaning about how she can't promise him forever... oh please, I need to go puke.  


I don't know if I will keep reading, although I think it is better than the show and Philip will probably last longer there than in the series, I can still see it being set up for her to return to Clay.