First Activation by D.A. and M.P. Wearmouth

First Activation: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller - D.A. & M.P. Wearmouth

Synopsis: (Amazon) 
HARRY and his brother JACK are on an airline flight, headed for a wild weekend-a ritual they have enjoyed every May since leaving the army. The trip takes a terrifying turn when they land in New York to find that JFK airport is almost deserted and that the few ground crew they can spot have all been brutally slaughtered. Is it a terrorist attack? Or something even more menacing? When a security guard appears and offers to help the passengers, but promptly shoots the first person off the plane and then kills himself, Harry realises that there is something very, very wrong in New York City. 

Author's Site: D.A. and M.P. Wearmouth
Publisher: self-published
Purchase: Amazon
Reviewed For: Purchased via Amazon for my Kindle.  Personal pick.

Misanthrope's Assessment: 
It was an interesting read.  It was a 'The End of the World as We Know It' novel with an interesting twist. There were quite a few incorrect spellings... even being aware that this was published in UK English, so I didn't count those... just the ones that were incorrect in both UK and US English.  There wasn't enough to completely detract from the story and I am aware that the authors now have a publishing deal, so hopefully a professional editor will clean those issues up.

I will be keeping a watch on this series, even with the disappointed cliff-hanger this novel was left on.  I would recommend this to genre lovers as well as folks looking for an adventure.  It is priced right, which brought my rating from the three stars to the four stars.