The Rabid by J.V. Roberts

The Rabid - J.V. Roberts

Synopsis: (Amazon)
The End is Here. 

As a mysterious virus begins turning people into violent, flesh starved monsters. Timmy Two-Step scrambles to save his sister from a world gone mad. Once reunited with their mother their journey for survival truly begins. A journey that will take them across a terrifying apocalyptic landscape filled with mindless Rabid, diabolical religious zealots, and militias with itchy trigger fingers, all while searching for food, shelter, and above all else, answers. 

But on the road to survival how far is too far? 

Author's Site: J.V. Roberts
Publisher: Severed Press
Purchase: Amazon
Reviewed For: I purchased this via Amazon for my Kindle.

Misanthrope's Assessment: 
My first suggestion is to Severed Press... HIRE A TEAM OF EDITORS.  My second suggestion would be to J.V. Roberts... GET A DIFFERENT PRESS.

That said... the novel... it amused me.  Not in the way the author would like, I am sure.  The characters were laughable, especially the teenage boy, an interpretive dancer, who was trying to channel John Wayne.  The mockery the author felt towards preppers was quite evident in the sad example of the boy's stepfather's brother. 

The only reason I am not asking for my money back from Amazon is the laughter this novel gave me... all at the author's expense.  That said, I certainly won't be purchasing the sequel... yup... you heard it right... there is going to be more of this crap.  I certainly won't be purchasing anymore of Roberts' work, and I will most likely be avoiding anything that Severed Press publishes.