Book Review - No Matter How Far by Ryan Wolfe

No Matter How Far - Ryan Wolfe
Synopsis (Amazon):

Six days before his retirement from a twenty year career in the U.S. Army, Joseph Bowman receives a call at midnight instructing him to report to his troop and draw weapons. In the chaos that ensues, Joseph is forced to choose between running suicide missions at Fort Carson or trying to get home to his family in Tennessee. 

Abby Bowman is painting the laundry room in her new home when she hears the news about a mysterious attack in Nashville. Wasting no time, she seeks shelter at her father-in-law’s house where her two young sons are staying the night. Not knowing if her husband is dead or alive, Abby does her best to protect her children from the madness that is sweeping the nation. 

Published by:  ADS, Inc

Author's Site:  None

Purchase Link:  No Matter How Far

Devourer's Assessment:  

I was not impressed.  Zombie apocalypse aside, it completely lacks plausibility, especially with the military aspect of this book.  I would suggest that the author go do some research.  Zero stars.  I spent .99 cents on this book and it was .99 cents too much.  Don't waste your money.

Zero stars.