Book Review - No Easy Hope by James N. Cook

No Easy Hope: 1 (Surviving the Dead) - James N. Cook

Synopsis (Amazon): 
Eric Riordan was once a wealthy man leading a comfortable, easy life. Until one day Gabriel - his oldest friend, a Marine Corps veteran, and a former mercenary - told him how the world was going to end. 

He did his best to prepare. He thought he was ready. He was wrong. 

As the dead rise up to devour the living, one man finds himself struggling to survive in the ruins of a shattered world. Alone, isolated, and facing starvation, his only chance is to flee to the Appalachians and join forces with Gabriel. But the journey will not be easy, and along the way his humanity, his will to live, and his very soul will be tested. 

This is the beginning. This is his story.

Published by: ADS, Inc.

Purchase Link:  Amazon, No Easy Hope

Author's Website:  James Cook

Devourer's Assessment:

A combination tale, prepper and zombie apocalypse that is one of the best independently published horror, TEOTWAWKI novels that I have read in awhile.  I recommend this both to prepper conspiracy theorists, and zombie enthusiasts alike.  You will not be disappointed. 

This book is a series, but could be read as a stand alone.  While giving the reader a complete and resolved plot line, Cook also gives a hook to keep you reading.  At the price of $3.99 a novel, it is one of the more expensive indie reads, but it well worth it.  If you don't believe me, grab a sample.

I give this book four stars..