Teen Spirit by John Reeves

Teen Spirit - John  Reeves

Synopsis from Amazon:


How well do you know the kid down the road?

Children can be cruel to each other. In a perfect world that would not turn criminal. In this story you will see how sadistic one child can be. You will see a kid go to distances only comparable to the worst humans mankind has ever seen.



My Assessment:


I am beyond furious.  I paid for this piece of utter crap, and 'crap', is exactly what this is. This is rife with typos and dire grammatical sins.  Add to that a weak plot, poor character development (and that is being generous, I should say LACK of character development), shoddy story that is TOLD rather than SHOWN, and frequent POV hopping (combined with the poor grammar and punctuation, leaving me often confused).


Mr. Reeves should have employed an editor because as it stands, after paying for this, I surely would NOT purchase any of his other stories.