Building Harlequin's Moon - Brenda Cooper and Larry Niven

Building Harlequin's Moon - Larry Niven, Brenda Cooper

I wanted to like this book... I suppose no review that starts off that way is ever going to be positive so, suffice it to say, this was not a good book.


I didn't even finish it.  I tossed it in the DNF pile at 57% (although I might get drunk enough to finish it some night).  I've had this on my Kindle for awhile, started out strong, couldn't put it down and then eh... it wasn't until a friend sent me an FB message asking me where I was with it and then stated he didn't read Larry Niven for teenage angst.  This.  This is exactly the problem.


I think, at some point, I'll do a re-read of either Lucifer's Hammer or Footfall to wash this horrible taste out of my mouth.