{REBLOG} Dear authors of paranormal romance and/or urban fantasy:

Please stop with the non-conventional spellings. 


I get it.  You want to be "new" and "creative".  You want to stand out.  You want your paranormal beasties to be different.  Which is fine, and perfectly understandable.


The problem is you want to get credit for being innovative, when typically you're just a bunch of lazy slackers.  Yeah, I said it.  It takes effort to be creative and clever.  It's not something you can fake, certainly not by changing a few letters.  Here's a tip:  we readers can tell that's what you did


Also, not only is it a lazy way to achieve "originality", but it can backfire in amusing (or embarrassing) ways.




I can't read this book.  I just can't.  I know what the author was going for with being half "Lychen", but she missed the mark completely.  I did appreciate the laugh, though.  (If anyone doesn't get what's funny:  I would assume that "lychen" is pronounced like "lichen"... which is itself sort of half fungus, half plant.  She's half "vampyre" and half mossy growth.)








This one was actually onto something, until she decided to mess around with the spelling of "shade".  Why?  "Shaede" really isn't any cooler or more original than "shade", but now you've ruined a perfectly good story premise by being a pretentious twit.  



So yes, please stop doing this.  It's not the creative stroke of genius you seem to think it is.