Try this again... my own take on a reader's and reviewer's 'bill of rights'...

Reader's Bill of Rights


I have the following 'rights' when it comes to my reading... adapted from Pennac and a few other sources.


  • The right to read anything

  • The right to read anywhere

  • The right to escapism

  • The right to not have to defend my tastes

  • The right to re-read

  • The right not to finish

  • The right to judge a book by its cover

  • The right to financially boycott an author or publishing house

  • The right to do whatever I legally want with the copy of a book I have purchased1

  • The right to purchase e-books that are DRM free or to remove the DRM on any book I purchase, with no guilt2



In addition to these basic rights, for those of us who review, either in blog form or simple word of mouth, there are some additional rights:


Reviewer's Addendum


  • The right to form an opinion of the material I read

  • My opinion should be based on the book being reviewed, not the author

  • The right to publish that opinion

  • The right not to have to defend my opinion3

  • I do not have the right to publish anything libelous or slanderous in my review

  • I do not have the right to say anything in my reviews that I would not say if the author was sitting across from me





1This does not include illegally sharing of e-book files

2No-guilt clause is revoked if one 'shares' the file illegally.

3See the definition of the word opinion...