{REBLOG} Will BookLikes succeed in becoming 'home' for GoodReads ex-pats

(Reblogged from PetraX - I will state that the likelihood of me returning to Goodreads is slim to none- I did create a new account to take advantage of some of the groups that I was a member of until we get groups here and to take advantage of the book pages there, so it would be nice to see a change here)




In the long run people won't stay here if the book pages with all reviews for that book don't happen. Most of us here, if not all, were members of Feedback and had strong feelings about the censorship and summar deletion of reviews and shelves. We are readers and reviewers and readers of reviews and Dawid really needs to know that is at the core of his new members and address it.  Otherwise, people will drift back to Goodreads permanently because although BookLikes might be friendly and chatty it isn't, yet, a good book site.


Strengthening the social element of BL with groups etc. isn't going to hold people. We can do that without 'contributing' on GR, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is good book pages that should be the priority for development.