Reading Bits, Nook's Friday Freebie, and 30 Day Challenge

Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot - Martin Dugard, Bill O'Reilly The Wolf Gift - Anne Rice Without Warning  - John   Birmingham Robin Hobb The Rain Wild Chronicles Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set Pack (Titles in This Set Book 1: The Dragon Keeper Book 2: Dragon Haven Book 3: City of Dragons (Hardback)) - Robin Hobb An Irish Country Doctor - Patrick Taylor Hounded - Kevin Hearne Dies the Fire - S.M. Stirling The Guns of the South - Harry Turtledove Worldwar: In the Balance  - Harry Turtledove Right Ho Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse

Reading Bits


When I imported my GoodReads, I wiped my 'planning to read' shelf here because it was monstrous and not categorized... I had to hunt through the list to find the genre I was in the mood for.  Slowly, the planning to read shelf here is growing, but thanks to being able to make exclusive shelves, I have a plan to keep it organized.  


I just see so many interesting books... I need to be more discerning when I put one on my planning to read shelf.



Nook's Friday Freebie


For those with a Nook or Nook app, today's freebie can be found here:


I might actually read this one (I have a ton of Free Friday books that are simply not my cup of tea, but who is going pass up a freebie, right?)


30 Day Challenge


Late to the start with this one, so hold on and I'll do a quick catch-up:


Day 1-  Best Book You Read Last Year


Well, despite stating that Badreads was dead to me, I had to log into my account to look at my list to make sure my choice was a read from last year (for a historian, I suck with dates :P).  There were so many good ones... I cannot simply choose just one, so I'll give the top five:


Killing Kennedy by Bill O'Reilly - No matter what you think of this bloviating windbag, the book was factual and well done and should be read by all.

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice - I liked her take on the werewolf mythos, far better than anything I've seen recently.

Without Warning by John Birmingham - Fascinating romp, had me at his imagery of Bill O'Reilly gone *smirks*.  

Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb - Cheating here, but the whole series is amazing.

An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor - Great book (and series) to curl up with when you are looking for an escape into the past.


And honorable mention for a short story, Shtetl Days by Harry Turtledove- it was available to read free at Tor, but you can also purchase it for your e-reader for .99 cents, worth every penny! -


Day 2- A Book You've Read More Than Three Times


That one is easy, Trinity by Leon Uris.  There are others though, many of the Spenser novels by Robert B. Parker (when he was the author), several of Wodehouse's collections featuring Jeeves, the World War series by Harry Turtledove, and more.  


I am a chronic re-reader if the book grabbed my attention the first go around. 


Day 3 - Your Favorite Series


Asking me to pick one book or one series is like asking a carb addict to eat only one potato chip... here are a few of my favorites:


Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb

Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

Emberverse series by S.M. Stirling

Worldwar and Great War series by Harry Turtledove

Irish Country Doctor series by Patrick Taylor


Day 4 - Favorite Book of Your Favorite Series




Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling

Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove