Shelving and Badreads (formerly known as Goodreads)

I just read this:


This is the snippet that states what kind of shelves will be deleted (numbered for my convenience)


What are examples of shelves that will be deleted?

  1. badly-behaving-authors
  2. abusive-attention-whore-authors
  3. butthurt-crazy-stalker-authors
  4. author-insults-and-attacks-reviewers
  5. victim-of-troll-attacks

I can personally understand deleting #'s 2 and 3.  While I am a firm supporter of freedom of speech and opinion, that kind of crosses a personal moral line with me- I can find better expressing myself and feel others should too, but it is a personal moral line, I don't have the right to force my morals onto anyone else.  


I understand that the badly-behaving-authors is a personal opinion, and not one I would use because I don't judge an author on their behavior when it comes to their books, I judge the books alone they produce, I think this post sums up why I think it should be left alone and not deleted- 


It is an opinion, and last I checked we were all entitled to our opinions.  And for #4- if I had an author insult me or stalk me because of a review of their product that I left, I'd want to be able to warn others and I should have that right. I would also make sure that I had evidence in the form of screenshots and such before putting someone in that shelf, and I would make that available for all to see as well- not 'selective screenshots', either.  Of course if I truly felt stalked, law enforcement would be involved- I would not be whining about it online in random forums and sites- something that law enforcement would most likely counsel me on not doing until the matter was officially resolved and at that point, I would make sure that my whole experience with that author would be documented and publicly available and attached to any review or discussion I had of that author.  As should be my right.


#5- eh...  I don't see the logic in having a shelf like that... there are better ways to label my books and books I've read and that does nothing but fan the flames of any trouble- one I wouldn't use for that reason, but here again, helenthehermit's post rings true.


I suppose I can sum Badreads all up with this-  Goodreads, you are dead to me.